Alpha Rack

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Alpha Rack


The Alpha Rack kicks the good idea fairy in the teeth.  Simple, bomb proof and ergonomic.  We eliminated features that don’t provide benefit, removing extra cost and added weight. No fancy laser-cut foam that holds moisture and creates pressure points.

The Alpha Rack genesis was in the woods of Camp Mackall, North Carolina and the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil; designed to wear with a full combat load under a ruck, the Alpha Rack can carry everything you need.

 With the rapid attach/detach, quickly swap your Alpha Panel (or other placard) to your Rack when the mission doesn’t require armor.

  • 4 columns of MOLLE on either end of the panel enable IFAKs, radios, extra ammo or hydration sources.

  • 1000d Squadron Laminate construction is completed hydrophobic and nearly indestructible.

  • 2” wide shoulder straps with 55-degree cant is the best fit for users shaped like athletes. Wide enough to comfortably distribute a fully loaded kit, there is no need for bulky foam that is a bacteria breeding ground after a few weeks in the bush. Fully retained adjustment straps fit well for operators in the 170lb-235lb range.  For those that are smaller we recommend one-wrap of Velcro or tape in order to stow excess webbing.

  • Reinforced top edge prevents hots spots and kit flop.

  • Elastic antenna retention on shoulder straps for use with dual comms.

*Proudly made in FWB Florida USA, with all USA Materials

NOTE: Alpha Panel NOT INCLUDED. This is simply the harness attachment portion. Rack SHOWN with Alpha Panel attached. 

*Sizing: Sizing comes down to preference but we like to keep the top line of the rack at the bottom of our incredibly pronounced and defined pec line.  Slide the 1” slider buckles in and out to get the right fit. We recommend loading out your rack with all pouches weight before adjusting.    

-For Bulk orders (more than 5 Racks) please email

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