Apple Watch Rugged Band

Size: 26


Color: Sicario
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The Whiskey 7 Apple Watch Rugged Watch Band is a sharp but rugged leather piece that will elevate the look of your Apple Watch to fit any occasion. Newbury® leather gives you a nubuck texture and rustic look to your watch strap. Its oil and wax content will give a depth of color that patinas beautifully over time.

Material : This USA tanned and sourced leather has a strong pull up, smooth and heavily waxed grain, and a truly rugged and distressed appearance. It is waxed, oiled, and hot stuffed. The stiffener in every Rugged band is a MILSPEC Cordura® laminate that prevents stretching in the harshest of environments.

Thickness : This doubled layered band is 4mm thick from lugs to the last hole and tapers down to 3mm at the tip.

Stitching : Every band is stitched with MILSPEC nylon thread.

Edges : The leather edges are burnished to lay down the fibers but left uncoated to allow the band to maintain its rustic look.

*Care: The Rugged watch band is good to hook in most conditions. If your band gets exposed to chemicals/salts that dry out the leather, recondition both sides of the band.  The Rugged Band will naturally settle as the leather fibers align in the first few days of hard use, this is normal and will not progress more than a few millimeters.  

Comes with Adaptor PRE-INSTALLED


22mm w/adapter will fit series 4-9 (40/41mm body)

26 w/adapter will fit series 4-9, ULTRA 1 & 2  (44-45mm body)