Canted Pistol Mag Pouch

Material: Leather


Style: Right Hand


Sale price$40.49

Our Canted Pistol Mag Pouches are available for left and right handed shooters, and are offered in standard and leather tab variants. 

  • 35 Degree Cant: Faster draw speed and lower vertical profile for wear with armor
  • Curv Liner: Reduced friction for a smoother draw, extended longevity, and consistent tension
  • Vertical attachment possible with MOLLE slots on the rear of the pouch
  • Laser cut Laminate Base: Bombproof construction and streamline form factor
  • Optimized for 1.75-2" gun belt and double stack magazines
  • Proudly produced in the USA

* If your dominant shooting hand is RIGHT choose the Right Hand variation, if your dominant shooting hand is your LEFT  choose the Left Hand variation