The Journey Hat

Style: Legacy Journey


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Part of the Live with Purpose line we wanted to make symbolic hats that fit in with any wardrobe or adventure. We took the mountain concept as the theme and applied it as the metaphor of conquering goals and adversity…(as well as real mountains if that’s your thing). 

Looking  closely you’ll see the W7 flag atop the mountain. A reminder that once you conquer that goal. Be sure to plant your flag and inspire others. 

The Richardson Flex Fit and Legacy Dashboard Trucker have both the look and meaning in this collection. That slate stone represents the hardships we face every day. Practically speaking gray goes with everything. 

These hats are one of our favorites made to date. A departure from the military style towards something truly more “gray man” while having deep meaning we hope resonates with those of you out there on this journey with us.




Hat Type:
1. Legacy - Dashboard Trucker - Black and Grey

2. Richardson 112 R-Flex Adjustable Trucker Cap- Black and Graphite