FILO Chest Placard

Material: Leather


Color: Coyote Tan
Sale price$116.00 5.0

Introducing the First In Last Out (FILO), the ultimate solution for assaulters who prioritize fast and efficient access to kinetic equipment. If you need a kit that is optimized for clearing buildings, working in vehicles, and maintaining a low profile while going prone, the FILO is the perfect choice. We have meticulously calculated every layer to eliminate unnecessary bulk and maximize functionality.

Designed to accommodate up to 6 M4 magazines, the FILO also features 3 expandable elastic sleeves that can securely hold flashbangs, initiators, tourniquets, or 40mm grenades. Additionally, we have included twin elastic slots specifically crafted to fit essentials like a Jimmy tool and other lock bypass tools.

Similar to our Alpha Panel, the FILO is right height adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit to your plate carrier. The bungee top retainers are easily removable, offering versatility and convenience.

We have incorporated an envelope-style admin panel into the base layer of the FILO, providing a dedicated space for small items such as a notepad, GRG, or similarly sized essentials. Furthermore, laser-cut MOLLE slots have been strategically positioned at the bottom, enabling you to attach extra flashbangs, pistol magazines, white lights, or other single-column MOLLE pouches.

Crafted from bomb-proof laminated Cordura® nylon, the FILO ensures exceptional durability and longevity. This placard is built to withstand the toughest conditions, guaranteeing a lifetime of reliable performance.

*Compatible with most other harnesses and carriers. 

*Designed to be quickly interchangable between The Alpha Rack and Future Alpha Carrier. 

-For Bulk orders (more than 5 Filos) please email