Nomad Wallet

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Drive to be something more. No matter where your adventure takes you. 

Marked with the Western Plains Indian symbol for bravery and speed, the jagged lightning bolt burnt into these wallets stands out in front of a green field proudly displaying the color of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  

As you prepare to walk out the door every day, in your daily routine to support and protect your family and your legacy let these symbols be a reminder of that passion.

These wallets are made from 3-4oz slow cured vegetable tan leather.  Each is hand dyed to ensure the proper coloring is achieved. This is thicker leather than most use, but we were on a mission to design a wallet that will outlast its user.  Even with that higher quality leather, through creative engineering we were able to achieve a thinner profile than most competitors.  Yes these are beautiful pieces, but they are also well developed to be the optimal balance to carry what you need but also stay minimalist in form. 

We selected 2 card holders that will break-in to securely carry 1-3 cards each.

The main cash sleeve is large enough to cover most international currency buts stays well within a compact size.

We apply a edge-coat before final polishing to ensure the leather is protected through decades of pulling from your pocket.

With time, this wallet will patina to a beautiful dark brown and last a lifetime. 

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